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          Henan Haiyuan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that engages in R&D, production and sales. It is situated in Chemical Industrial Park, Industry Cluster District, Taiqian County, Puyang City, Shandong. The registered capital is ¥10 million, and the floor area is 60,785 square meters. The company is capable of producing 1,200 tons of propargyl alcoholand 2,400 tons of butynediol each year. 
          The total investment is ¥520 million. The company has invested ¥150 million in the first-stage project to construct research building, master control room, sewage treatment tank, gas production plant, warehouse, storage and transportation area, refining workshop, synthesis plant, and etc. The annual output value will be ¥290 million and annual profit will be ¥37 million after the project is finished and put into operation, and the company can offer about 219 jobs. 

          Objectives in initial period of construction are high starting point, high level, high grade, and putting environment protection in the first place. The company has established cooperation relations with domestic leading research institutes. Haiyuan adopts rectification technology and advanced desulfurization and denitrification equipment to prevent air pollution from the root, and it strives to increase safety factor and prevent occupational hazard according to world's advanced level, and it has established five production lines. The enterprise adopts automatic rotary boiler. Gas production workshop, rectification workshop, synthesis workshop, and raw material storage tank adopt 304 stainless steel materials for increasing stability and corrosion resistance of equipment. The company has invested ¥2.26 million in purchasing desulphuration and dust-cleaning apparatus, ¥2.65 million in constructing PH value regulating pool, and ¥1.65 million in introducing aeration equipment and dosing equipment. The whole production system is operated in automatic DCS environment. Based on advanced level in the industry, many dealers have submitted purchase plans to our company.

          Our propargyl alcohol and butynediol are important alkynol type compounds. Propargyl alcohol is mainly used in synthesizing medicines and pesticides, in electroplating industry as brightener and rust remover, in oil exploitation, or as stabilizer, herbicide and fungicide for solvents and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Butynediol is widely used in producing raw materials of butanediol and its downstream products, and vitamin B6; moreover, it can also be used in brightener of nickel plating, corrosion inhibitor, and other fields.

          Adhering to management model of "people-oriented, energy conservation and cost reduction, green production, technology precedence, strict management, highest salary, common development of employees and shareholders", the company has formed professional management team, introduced excellent administrative and technical talents including 5 doctors, 6 engineers, 7 postgraduates and 39 undergraduates, and built professional team with high moral character and innovation ability.


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